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What To Expect at a 24 Hour Laundry

Posted by Clean Rite on December 07, 2020

New to town and looking for a place to wash your clothes?

Or are you fed up with your current laundromat being closed at strange hours?

If either of these ring true — or if you’re simply wondering what you can expect from a laundromat in a town you’re visiting — we wanted to share our thoughts on what the essentials are for 24 hour laundries. 

While not all businesses are the same, we feel that some features are non-negotiable for the 24 hour laundry experience. 


Here’s What Every 24 Hour Laundry Should Have (In Our Opinion)

  • Friendly store attendants at all hours, even the early morning shift
  • Ample space with lots of machines
  • A variety of machine sizes for easier washing and drying
  • The option to carry a card or digital wallet instead of cash and coins
  • Plenty of folding tables and laundry carts for convenience
  • 24-hour video surveillance that’s actually monitored 
  • Entertainment options and free wifi
  • Snack bar/vending machines
  • An option for drop off service — you don’t even have to do your own laundry!

And of course — good prices and exclusive offers can help save you some money as well. 

More than ever, laundry is about the experience. You still have to do the chore, but with pricing competitive and plenty of options, you do have choices for where you wash and dry. 

We hope that this short checklist of items will help you the next time you’re looking for a new laundromat. 

And if you’re wondering — yes! Clean Rite Center locations have the features and amenities listed above (even though they’re not all 24 hour stores). 

Regardless of where you clean your clothes, we hope this list helps you select a laundromat that works for you. 

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