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4 Factors That Will Help You Safely Wash White Clothes and Linens

Posted by Clean Rite on February 08, 2021

Washing white clothing can seem like a daunting task, from the risks of stains to the fading of the fabrics. Linen also can be a bit tricky to handle — so today we’re going to share with you some tips and tricks to help your whites stay bright and your linens looking pristine. 

The Difference Between Colored, Whites, and Linens

When washing, sorting your whites from your colours is to ensure that the colours don’t bleed onto the whites. Your linen fabrics should also be treated as a separate load too because of the nature of the fabric. All linen should be washed in lukewarm or cold water. In addition to this they need to be washed on the most gentle setting without overloading the machine

Factor #1: Water Temperature

White clothes should be washed in warm water unless the tag states otherwise. This is to help remove any micro stains and for disinfecting (since white clothes are typically worn with direct contact to the body). Linen on the other hand should be washed in cold water to avoid shrinkage. If the linen shrinks, it can easily ruin a part of your new favorite outfit.

Factor #2: Detergent

When washing whites you can use a detergent that contains bleach to keep your clothing bright and vibrant. In contrast to this, you want to use a more mild detergent when washing linen to avoid damaging the fabric. Also whenever washing linens a smaller amount of detergent is recommended.

Factor #3: Hand Wash Your Linen Clothes

Due to the nature of the fabric, hand washing linens is a simple enough task and is much kinder to the fabric than machine washing. Simply place the clothing in a large enough container with a small amount of detergent. Just let the fabric soak for about 10-15 minutes with you moving the clothes ever so often. After that, remove and refill the water until the clothes are detergent free.

Factor #4: Drying

Drying your whites really boils down to the fabrics in your clothes. Most whites are cotton based, and as such should be dried at a higher temperature unless stated otherwise. Meanwhile linen should be dried at a lower temperature. This should help with the removal of wrinkles and boost the longevity of the article of clothing. 

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