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Bathing Suit Care Tips to Live by

Posted by Clean Rite on May 19, 2021

Taking care of your bathing suit(s) might be more important than you realize. 

Why is that? 

Well, while you might not use it every day, you want to know you have one in pristine condition should the opportunity present itself — especially now that summer is here! Today you’re going to learn a few tips and tricks to do just that.


Tip #1: Wash Your Bathing Suit by Hand

Machine washing can stretch spandex, as well as other common material in bathing suits. This in turn will cause your bathing suit to lose shape a lot quicker than hand washing; it will also lower the fabric’s durability faster. Washing by hand is easier than you think, and can go a long way to help your bathing suit!


Tip #2: Wash ASAP

The spandex in bathing suits can also be damaged by long-term exposure to chlorine, so don’t wait to wash your suit if you’ve been in a pool.  Rinse your swimwear in cold water after you use it to help remove the chlorine — this can also help remove body oils which could weaken the fabric.


Tip #3: Watch Where You Sit!

Try not to sit on any rough surfaces, they can damage the material. We advise you to sit on a towel, or remove the suit as soon as you can to avoid possible tearing or damage.


Tip #4: Having Extra Suits Isn’t A Bad Thing

If you find yourself in the pool or at the beach often, having an extra suit can help. You’d actually effectively halve the deterioration of your suit. In addition to that, bathing suits should be allowed to properly dry in between uses, so an extra pair can help with that.


Tip #5: Dry Your Bathing Suit Flat

Drying your bathing suit is just as important as washing it. When drying, don’t hang it up; the water in the suit has weight, enough weight to potentially stretch it out while hanging. We advise drying your bathing suit away from direct sunlight by laying it out flat. Dryers are out of the question as they could ruin the suit altogether.


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