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Welcome to Clean Rite Center, the laundry service superstore located in the NY Metro Area, Ohio, Baltimore, MD and Allentown, PA. Clean Rite Center, the laundry service

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Posted by Clean Rite on May 22, 2020

On April 17, 1934 the very first laundromat opened its doors in Fort Worth, Texas ushering in a revolution in personal hygiene – and creating communities where American families old and new could gather. 

Wherever dreamers and hard-working Americans join forces, you will find laundromats.  The history of our clients, and our staff, is the history of the country – working people of all stripes, hopeful and eager, coming together not just for hygiene and health – but human dignity, pride and opportunity.  

Clean Rite is honored to celebrate the special relationship that exists between our guests and our employees by launching a new community initiative – Clean Rite Heroes.  


In times like these, the history of our industry, our interdependence and our reliance on one another, is brought into sharper focus – and we are reminded that it is people that create and support business.  It is those same people, in our boroughs, in our local neighborhoods and streets – heroes – who are dreaming extraordinary dreams and doing extraordinary things.   Our workers, our clients, our friends and neighbors.  Those of you who do what you do to the best of your ability – and by stepping into your best self – lift up your family, your community and ultimately the world. 

Clean Rite is happy to celebrate, support and encourage you.  

Join us as we roll out the following initiatives – open to our clients, our employees and members of CleanRite cities and towns – celebrating the bonds that are formed where dreams are shared and communities are created. 

Learn more about our initiatives HERE.

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