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3 Tips To Do Laundry Like A Pro

Posted by Clean Rite on August 25, 2021

Want to know some time-saving advice from people who do laundry all-day, everyday? We’ve got you covered. 


1. Know How to Read Tags

If you’ve been doing laundry for a while, you’ve probably noticed the interesting symbols on the tags of your clothes. Those aren’t just there for manufacturers or retail stores though — they’re there for you! The symbols on your clothing tags are indicators that show you how to properly wash, dry, and store your clothing. Learning the symbols and what they mean is a great shorthand that can help you when sorting and washing your next laundry load. 


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2. Always Sort Before Washing

This tip heralds back to our last tip, but for good reason! 

Your clothes are all made up of a unique cut of fabric, and are designed to handle washing and drying at certain temperatures. If you follow those temperatures to a T, you’ll find that your clothes last a bit longer than if you were to just put everything in at “hot” or “medium” temperatures all the time. Not to mention the potential for colors to bleed, which can ruin your lighter or white clothes!

So take some time to sort before your next laundry visit. We sometimes see customers with a few different bags so they can presort at home and get straight to washing at the laundromat!


3. Fold at the Laundromat!

Do you get frustrated with wrinkled clothing? Fold at the laundromat! In addition to learning the ancient art of ironing, folding at the laundromat — as soon as your clothes come out of the dryer — is the best way to ensure that your clothes stay wrinkle free. It also helps you keep momentum on the task at hand, which helps prevent the pile of clean clothes that we sometimes experience!

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