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Which Dryer Settings Should You Use?

Posted by Clean Rite on March 08, 2021

When drying your clothes, there is no one setting you can default to for drying. You need to always ensure that you are using the appropriate amount of heat based on the fabric being dried. 

Today we’re going to show you which amount of heat is appropriate for which kind of clothing. 


The No-Go’s 

Swimwear, wool, women’s underwear, faux leather, activewear, clothes with sequin or other like materials are all examples of clothes that shouldn’t be in a dryer at all. Due to various reasons from being prone to or distort shape after being exposed to too much heat; none of these should be dried in a dryer.


High Heat

Items that fall under this category are usually your bulkier clothing items. Towels, Jeans are the usual suspects for high heat dry sessions. While this would be the most effective way to dry these clothing items, there are a few drawbacks. The high heat can weaken the fibers in your clothes making them wear out quicker.


Medium Heat

The usual suspects here are your shorts, T-shirts and accompanying lot. Medium heat will dry your daily use clothing with no worries. This is also the preferred setting for colored clothing; it allows for the clothes to be dried while at the same time remaining bright and vibrant.


Low Heat

This setting is reserved for your more delicate clothing items; if the tag says ‘Gentle’ or ‘Delicate’ then this is the setting you’re looking for. Low heat is also where you’ll find the lowest amount of possible shrinkage due to the low heat 


Air Dry

Air drying is a setting that simply has the dryer’s drum turn while pulling in air from around it to freshen up the contents inside. This cycle is used on already dry clothing to help remove dust and other particles such as pet hair. 

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