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Posted by Clean Rite on May 20, 2020

If you love heavenly scented laundry as much as us, you’re going to love this quick laundry hack – Essential Oils. Here a few options that’ll take your laundry game to the next level.

Sweat Sweeper

Don’t let stinky gym clothes takes over your load. Try a few drops of Tea Tree essential oils to leave the gym on the rack.

Crisp Refresher

Brighten up your laundry routine with a citrus touch. Take your favorite citrus scents such as Lemon oil or Grapefruit oilto add some zest to your routine.

Cuddle Wear

Turn your bed into a cloud 9 with a touch of Lavender oil. Your bed sheets, pajamas, and pillowcases will thank you.

Vacation Memories

The combination of Orange oils and Rosemary oils will transport you to the Mykonos Islands.

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