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A Simple Guide to Ironing Clothes

Posted by Clean Rite on August 18, 2021

Ironing — you either love it or hate it. 

Wherever you stand, you can’t deny it’s one of the most effective ways to remove wrinkles from your clothes. In this post, we’ll cover some of the basics of ironing that we feel everyone needs to know. 


Clean and Dry According to Your Tags

This is where the ironing process starts — and it’s all because you can minimize the amount of wrinkles produced by the laundering process! Depending on the type of fabric, you’ll see more or less success based on the water temperature used, how long it spends in the dryer, and how quickly you get to it once dry. Take extra care to read and understand the labels, and follow the directions accordingly. 

Also, take note of any ironing instructions on your tags! These will tell you how hot to set the iron, as well as provide additional info on what to do for tougher wrinkles. If you don’t have the label (or the info is incomplete), check online for iron temperature guides.


What To Do When Ironing

There’s a lot to ironing, but the basics are simple: you’re using heat, pressure, and water vapor to remove wrinkles from your clothing’s fabric. You’ll need an iron, an ironing board, and your (clean) clothes. There are tons of great videos out there that show you the how-to mechanics, and we highly recommend checking them out. 

Otherwise, keep these tips in mind:

  • You’ll be tempted to set up and get to work, but make sure to wait a few minutes to let the iron get to the right temperature. 
  • Many fabrics benefit from ironing on the “wrong” side, or the internal surface. This prevents a shiny ironing effect.
  • It’s sometimes okay to iron your clothes if they’re still slightly damp, just make sure they don’t water stain easily!
  • Hang up your clothes immediately after ironing!

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