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How To Wash Your Clothes (Beginner's Guide)

Posted by Clean Rite on February 01, 2021

Washing your clothes in a laundromat for the first time might seem a bit overwhelming. We are going to break it down as much as possible to make your experience that much better. 

Step #1: Sort Your Clothes

First thing’s first, you want to separate your whites from your colors, this is done for a few reasons — Mainly being your whites are clothes that come in contact with your body or are worn under your other clothes. This in turn usually makes them sweatier or dirtier in comparison to the rest of your clothes.  Between that and not having the worry about the colors bleeding, it is common practice to wash these in hot water. 

Meanwhile your colored clothes which would have been protected from direct contact with your body by your white and are susceptible to color bleed are washed in cold water. The cold water helps prevent the aforementioned problems. 

Step #2: Bring Payment

Next up, always remember that coins are king; you cannot use dollar bills at your average laundromat so always make sure you have coins on your person. Do not worry though, if you do not have coins then you can usually convert your bills to coins once you get there. 

Step #3: Get Your Detergent

The third thing you need to make sure you get a hold of is laundry detergent. Like coins, you can reliably purchase this inside of most laundromats, or you can always bring your own. 

Step #4: Load and Start the Washer

Put all your separated laundry into the washer accompanied by the appropriate amount of detergent, this can vary based on your washer. The cover of the detergent bottle usually gives an accurate amount for a load. 

Step #5: Move Everything to the Dryer

Lastly, after washing you must put the clothes in the dryer. On average, you should be looking to keep it in there around 40 minutes to allow for bulky items to dry such a bedding, towels and/or jeans — but expect anywhere from 20-30 minutes for normal items or smaller loads. 

Following these steps should allow you to wash and dry like everybody else. We hope you find it helpful!

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