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4 Ways to Keep Your Laundromat Experience Cheaper (Without Sacrifice!)

Posted by Clean Rite on December 14, 2020

It always pays to be thrifty, and with concerns over personal budgets on the rise, we thought it would be a good idea to give some basic tips on saving at the laundromat. Here are 4 ideas to keep in mind the next time you plan to clean your clothes:


#1: Bring your own detergent

An easy way to save a few bucks at every wash is to just buy detergent at the store. Liquid or powder, store-bought options will likely be cheaper than the detergent you’ll buy at a laundromat. Just make sure you don’t leave it at home!


#2: See if your laundry has coupons

Most laundromats these days offer coupons for loyal or potential customers, which means if you’re not using one you’re potentially throwing money away. 

We even have a rewards program at Clean Rite Center — called VIP Saver’s Club. Check it out!


#3: Sort by wash temperature, not color

Now, we know this may be controversial... but sorting may not have all the benefits you might imagine. 


Because a lot about our clothes and washing machines has changed since that advice originated!

Today’s laundry machines are much less reliant on ultra-hot water to get a good clean. That means less color bleed, fading, and damage. 

And today’s dying techniques mean most clothes hold their color much longer than in the past. 

So if you need to shave some money from your laundry budget, consider mixing a batch of dark and lights with caution. Just make sure you can wash them all together on cold. 


#4: Don’t overstuff the dryer

Last but not least, make sure you leave plenty of room when you go to dry. It’s all too easy to think that industrial machines can handle whatever you throw at them, but all dryers can be overfilled. Follow any listed instructions at your laundromat, and don’t be afraid to spread your clothes over a few dryers for a faster (and less-quarter hungry) clean. 

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