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4 Laundry Accessories You Probably Need

Posted by Clean Rite on July 21, 2021

Laundry day is always an event, but there are a few items that can make it much easier to manage. In this post, we’ll show you a few simple items that you can (cheaply) use to make your next laundry day that much easier. 


#1: A Laundry Bag

If you’re heading to the laundromat, you probably already know you need to put all your clothes in a bag — and we’ve seen every bag you can imagine! From Ikea’s huge totes to simple trash bags, our customers come in wielding a variety of bags stuffed with clothes that need cleaning. 

Which is why we recommend investing in a simple laundry bag. You can find plenty of options through sites like Amazon (not affiliated), and they make a big difference in how you sort and prepare your clothes for the big day. 


#2: A Dryer Ball

Dryer balls are a common sight these days, and for good reason. These small, wool balls can play an essential roll in the drying phase of doing the laundry. Their main goal — which they accomplish quite well — is to help the warm air circulate better around your clothes, thus reducing drying time. If you haven’t added these to your laundry routine, you may find it helps you save some change in the dryer. 


#3: A Coin Pouch

This laundry accessory is one we’ve all thought of while pulling fistfulls of quarters out of the change machine — a good coin pouch. We think this one speaks for itself. 

A word of advice: Know your laundromat before you jump to coin pouch shopping! Many modern laundromats offer digital payment options, which means you can skip the ATM and the coin machine on laundry day. 


#4: A Stain Remover Pen

It’s frustrating to find a new stain on a good wardrobe piece. And while discretely heading to the bathroom to rub some water on it is fine — a good stain pen in your pocket is absolutely the better option. While it won’t always remove the stain completely, it’ll usually give you some discreetness on-the-go, and makes it easier to get out on laundry day. 

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