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5 Tips To Make Your Laundry Smell Better

Posted by Clean Rite on April 23, 2021

Smelling fresh laundry might be the best part of folding it to put it away (Even though we know you probably do not fold it immediately). 

Today we are going to show you a few ways to have your laundry smelling even better than it usually does — and no, we are not just going to tell you to use fabric softener.  


Tip #1: Actually Measure Your Detergent.

Some of us just like generalizing the amount of detergent used when it comes to our laundry. It’s easy after all — just how accurate are those measuring lines for detergent? 

But here’s the rub: using too much detergent will leave you smelling clean, but also risks leaving soap residue. If that residue stays in your clothes (and you let them sit for a week or two), you’ll actually start to notice a musky aroma. Not the best impression. 

Then on the flip side, not using enough detergent runs the risk of leaving your clothes smelling like you neglected to wash them at all. So take care and measure!


Tip #2: Use White Vinegar While Washing

Vinegar is not winning any awards for fragrance on its own, but it will help you kill scents in the laundry. The whole point of adding the vinegar is to cut the bad scents so that the other methods you employ won’t have to work as hard to get your clothes smelling like a bright summer day (Check out our article on all the benefits of vinegar here).


Tip #3: Wash ASAP

Wash your clothes as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Leaving your clothes unwashed for extended periods of time will only allow any smells from normal wear to grow. Washing immediately will also result in smaller loads, which can help with scent .


Tip #4: Warm Water Is Your Friend 

Wash clothes in the warmest water they are able to tolerate. Doing this will help fight any lingering scents as warm water helps your laundry detergent (that you just properly measured) work that much better over cold water. 


Tip #5: Dry ASAP

Be sure to add your laundry to the dryer (or hang them up to dry) as soon as possible. Wet clothes left unattended can develop a musty scent that will persist through a dry. You'll have to re-wash to remove the scent, which is a massive hassle and probably not what you want to do. 

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