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Liquid Vs.  Powder Detergent — Which Should You Use?

Posted by Clean Rite on April 28, 2021

Powder vs Liquid detergent, the age-old feud. 

Okay, not really. 

But you may be curious to know the difference, if any. So we’re going to talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each, and see which one is better for YOU. Let’s get into it.


Tackling Muddy vs Greasy Stains

What kind of stains do you usually encounter most? Mud or Grease stains? 

The answer to this question may help to sway your decision one way or another. Powder can more easily tackle mud stains, while liquid is better at fighting greasy or oil stains.


Cost Effectiveness 

Powder detergent is more cost effective per load than liquid, in some cases costing half as much per load. Between it’s inexpensiveness and ability to tackle mud stains, powdered detergent is a prime candidate for families with lots of children’s clothes who enjoy being outside.


Ease of Use

The crown for ease of use will have to go to liquid detergent. Liquid is safer to use in your washer because powder doesn't always dissolve well in cold water. The clumps left behind may give a gritty feeling on your clothes — even though they’re 100% clean.



At the end of the day, they both exist because there is a market for them. Each cleans well, and you can’t go wrong for either. That said, we have some recommendations:

If you find yourself washing clothes often, dealing with muddy stains and not washing with cold water then — Powder detergent is going to be your new best friend between all of the above mentioned AND the savings. 

Meanwhile if you find yourself washing less frequently, and you don’t want to risk the potential of soap residue or warm water washes, liquid is the way to go.

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