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Simple Tips to Make Laundry Faster

Posted by Clean Rite on January 11, 2021

Wish you could spend less time doing laundry?

We know it’s a chore, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an all-day event. Here are our quick tips to help you make your next laundry day that much faster:



Sorting at the laundromat is probably not the best way to get your laundry day started. It’s all too easy to miss a few items and mix batches too, which may not be best for your clothes. 

That’s why we recommend sorting at home — either the old fashioned way with a big old pile and some trash bags, or a neater way with multi-bin laundry baskets. That way all you have to do is pull up, find a washing machine, and get started. 


Be Proactive With Stains

One of the biggest drags with laundry is when you miss a stain, or when a stain you’ve treated doesn’t come out properly. 

In these cases, it’s best to get to the stain early — like, immediately. Consider adding a to-go laundry pen to the list of your everyday items. They can easily go in a pocket or purse, and are a great way to bust up stains that can take longer in the wash. 


Use a Quick Wash Cycle

Some machines — not all — offer a quick wash cycle, which can likely cut your wait time in half. Often, these cycles are just as effective at cleaning your clothes, so try it out the next time you’re headed to the laundromat. 


Learn Fast Folding Techniques

Ever marveled at the way most department stores fold their clothes?

While it’s easy to think their methods are for show only, they’re usually also among the faster ways to fold clothes. If the thought of folding a few dozen t-shirts sets your teeth on edge, check out some faster folding techniques to get the job done. 

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