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Laundromats Are
Essential Businesses

Welcome to Clean Rite Center, the laundry service superstore located in the NY Metro Area, Ohio, Baltimore, MD and Allentown, PA. Clean Rite Center, the laundry service

It’s an unfortunate truth that no matter how careful you are, your clothes are bound to catch a stain eventually. 

Powder vs Liquid detergent, the age-old feud. 

When spring weather rolls around, it’s finally time you started looking at properly storing your winter coats. While it might not seem like much now, proper

If you grew up emulating your favorite masked superheroes, then you were ready for this moment. 

Using vinegar in laundry is one of those things that you always hear about, and probably even practice —

When drying your clothes, there is no one setting you can default to for drying. You need to always ensure

As you might expect, washing clothes is a process that involves water. 

Few items in our life take the beating that towels do. 

Socks can be a mystery sometimes. 

Washing white clothing can seem like a daunting task, from the risks of stains to the fading of the

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