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Laundromats Are
Essential Businesses

Welcome to Clean Rite Center, the laundry service superstore located in the NY Metro Area, Ohio, Baltimore, MD and Allentown, PA. Clean Rite Center, the laundry service

Laundry has a large place in our lives and our history, and it’s important to consider the why of such basic tasks from time to time. So in the post, we'll

Washing machines are an integral part of our lives now — but they weren’t always around! 

Do you find yourself being really busy and not wanting to do your own laundry? If so, then a wash and fold service is right for you! We have six reasons why

If it’s been a while since you’ve visited your neighborhood laundromat (or if you’ve never been to one at all!), you may not be totally aware of what to

Many laundry businesses offer a wash and fold service these days — also known as wash, dry, fold, or

The rise of fast-casual restaurants and the buy local mentality in urban areas has led to some interesting

It always pays to be thrifty, and with concerns over personal budgets on the rise, we thought it would be

New to town and looking for a place to wash your clothes?

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