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The Right Way to Clean Socks

Posted by Clean Rite on February 16, 2021

Socks can be a mystery sometimes. 

For instance, it seems like every time you launder socks, one or two end up missing. Do the machines eat them? No — it’s probably more likely you left them under your bed at home. 

And when you need them most, they almost inevitably have a hole in them (or can’t find a match to save your life!)

All jokes aside though, socks are one of the hardest working clothing items you own. 

So taking extra care of them only makes sense. In this post, we want to give you the lowdown on how to properly care for your socks. Get it right, and they’ll last longer, stay comfortable, and keep your feet extra happy. 

Step #1: Separate

Start by making sure your socks are separated for maximum clean. It’s also a good idea to check pant sleeves for stragglers, just in case. 

Step #2: Turn Them Inside-Out

To keep the color and texture just right, it’s best to wash your socks inside-out. This keeps the presentable side vibrant and colorful, while exposing the area of sock that absorbs your body’s sweat and oils. 

Step #3: Wash

Here’s where most people go wrong: it’s best to wash your socks in cold water with minimal detergent. That’s it. No need to blast the heat or soap — as too much of either can soak into the fabrics and lessen moisture wicking later on. It’s best to wash them with other items that can take cold water washes. 

Step #4: Turn Them Right-Side Out

Once they’re done washing, don’t just toss them in the dryer. Take a few extra seconds to turn them inside out here, so you can dry them into their original shape. 

Step #5: Hang Dry

Here’s another uncommon tip — hang dry your socks at home! 

Yes, it can be a bit troublesome to take your wet socks home from the laundromat, but the issue here is once again heat. Too much heat can damage the fibers of your socks over time, causing them to lose shape and moisture wicking. Designate a place to hang dry your socks for long-lasting comfort. 


Step #6: Fold and Store

Once your socks are dry, match them and fold them in a drawer to keep them safe and dry until you need them. 

We hope these sock washing tips help!


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