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The Best Times to Use a Wash and Fold Laundry Service

Posted by Clean Rite on June 30, 2021

Do you need a laundry service that can wash and fold your clothes for you? 

Or if you’re on the fence, when should you even use one of these services? 

There are many different options available to people who don't have the time or resources at home to do their own laundry. This blog post discusses the best times to use one particular option: a wash and fold service.


Option #1: When You're Low on Time.

To the person who feels like they've had 12 things due every day for the past 12 days and honestly can't get a grip — remembering you don't have clean underwear is not going to help the situation. 

Time is precious, and while we all appreciate the accomplishment of having clean and folded clothes, that doesn't mean we have to do it ourselves. A wash and fold service is your best friend here.


Option #2: When the Damage Is Done, but the Mess Remains.

Being the life of the party is hard, but somebody has to do it. 

Jokes aside, sometimes getting the tough stains out on your own is harder than you think. Wine, dirt, food, or even blood can leave a lasting impression. If you’re unsure how to remove these stains — or have tried and failed, we recommend letting a wash, dry, fold service give it a go. These services often have tried and true methods (plus years of experience) to help remove stains, so try them out!


Option #3: When You're New to Laundry

We’ve all been there — staring at a washer trying to find out if you should choose hot, cold, permanent press, or guessing how much laundry detergent is really needed to ensure your clothes get clean. 

It can be overwhelming, and a wash and fold service can often help you ease your new chore while you find your bearings. Unfortunately clothes will never wash, dry, and fold themselves, but a service is the next best thing!


Whatever Your Reason — CleanRite Can Help!

There are many reasons people choose to use these services in lieu of doing their own laundry themselves, in any case, this service can be helpful and save you both time and money!

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