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Does Vinegar in Laundry Really Do Anything?

Posted by Clean Rite on March 15, 2021

Using vinegar in laundry is one of those things that you always hear about, and probably even practice — but never actually know if it works or not. 

So, is vinegar in fact something that you want to use when doing your laundry? 

The short of it, yes vinegar can be used to help with your laundry.

How effective is it and what exactly does it do? Stick around to find out.


What kind of vinegar should I use?

When dealing with laundry, you should always reach for distilled white vinegar. This is the type of vinegar that provides all the benefits listed below with no perceivable drawbacks.


Benefit #1: Soft and Clean Fabric

Vinegar, despite its sour taste, helps keep your clothes soft and colorful. It acts as a fabric softener, making your clothes softer without all the additional chemicals of traditional fabric softeners. In addition to this, vinegar also stops soap residue, pet hair and lint from sticking around your clothing.


Benefit #2: Brighter (Less Stained) Clothes

Vinegar is tough enough to help remove stains on fabric, but at the same time is gentle enough to not actually harm or damage said fabric. While this is happening, it can also make your darks darker and your whites brighter because of its unique properties.


Benefit #3: Unscented Results

The use of vinegar can help to remove putrid odors from your clothing. While other fabric softeners usually add an aromatic or pleasant scent to your clothes, vinegar leaves them smelling as if they were never used. When the topic of the conversation is dirty laundry, no smell at all is better than a smell you may not like.


Benefit #4: Washing Machine Maintenance

Vinegar not only helps your clothes, but the washer as well. It stops soap residue from building up on the drum of the washer allowing it to remain clean for future washes — so feel free to use it in your next load at the laundromat!






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