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How to Wash Bulky Items at the Laundromat

Posted by Clean Rite on May 26, 2021

You know that laundry day can be a hassle when you have to wash your bulky items like comforters and pillows. What’s worse, is it’s possible to wash them incorrectly and end up with clothing items that are either still dirty, or that are so wet you have a hard time drying them effectively.  

Thankfully, we have some advice for you — so the next time you bring you a cumbersome load of linens, they’ll get washed quickly and will always come out clean!


Wait For Larger Washers

Your local laundromat will have larger machines than the average home, so use this to your advantage. Larger washers will allow your items to move more freely in the wash, which makes it easier for them to get cleaned. The washer also distributes soap evenly so that your clothes or bulky items are getting washed properly every time.


Don't Overload the Washer

It's always a good idea to avoid overloading your washer. Bulky items can't fit in some smaller machines properly, and that means they won't get washed as well or could even be damaged! Even if you use a larger machine, be sure not to overload. 


Dry Thoroughly

It's important to dry bulky items out as quickly as possible! If you don't, they could take a really long time and that can lead to mold which is not good. Or the item will just smell bad before it dries completely so take a look at that if this happens to you!


Have A Place To Hang Dry (Just In Case)

We know it’s not always possible to ensure bulky items get 100% dry every time, so having a place where you can reliably hang a bulky laundry item is helpful. An at-home line, bannister, or a drying rack are great investments for long-term use (and laundry care in general!).

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