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How To Wash Your Towels (And Keep Them Soft!)

Posted by Clean Rite on February 22, 2021

Few items in our life take the beating that towels do. 

Think about all the times you reach for a towel — like when something spills, when you get out the shower, when you need to dry a dish — just to name a few. 

So keeping your towels clean and fluffy should be high on your laundry list, yet it’s all too easy to neglect proper care. 

We want to help you change that, and it all starts with adding a few extra items to your laundry basket.

Next time you’re washing towels, bring these items with you to the laundromat:

  • Dirty Towels
  • Your preferred detergent
  • Color-safe bleach
  • Fabric softener (or white vinegar)
  • Wool laundry balls

How to Wash Your Towels:

Here’s our tried and true method to keep your towels clean:

  1. Separate your towels into whites and colors, just like a normal load of laundry. While you may not notice it immediately, washing them together will discolor them over time. 
  2. For White Towels — Select the hot water option, and wash with detergent and bleach using the instructions on the bottle. 
  3. For Colorful Towels — Wash with warm water, detergent, and color-safe bleach, again making sure to follow directions on the label. 
  4. To keep towels soft, add fabric softener or 1/4 cup of white vinegar
  5. When it’s time to dry, make sure you shake the towels out as you place them in the dryer. And while not completely necessary, adding wool laundry balls (or clean tennis balls) will help fluff your towels and keep them soft. 
  6. Don’t remove your towels until they’re 100% dry. 
  7. Fold and store until use

We hope this helps you keep your towels soft and fluffy for years to come — although you shouldn’t forget to recharge your towels every now and then as well!

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