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Things To Remember When Washing A Facemask

Posted by Clean Rite on April 13, 2021

If you grew up emulating your favorite masked superheroes, then you were ready for this moment. 

But seriously — with masks becoming a part of daily lives because of the ongoing pandemic, let's talk about taking care of those very same masks that take care of us. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when washing your masks (yes, plural!) 


Always Have More Than One

Masks are advised to be washed on a daily basis, in that case having just one will quickly prove to be problematic. We recommend having at the very least two, but 3 is preferred if you can keep track of them.


Don’t Wash One-Use Masks 

If you're using surgical masks, do not wash them. These are designed for one time use and should be thrown away at any sign of damage. They come in boxes with a large quantity for that very same reason.


Dry Masks Immediately

Wet masks are generally less effective than dry ones at preventing the spread of water vapor and other particles. And like anything else you own and need to wash, being wet will make them moldy and you definitely don’t want a moldy mask. Always dry your mask immediately after washing!


Try To Neutralize Laundry Scents

Pro tip - use vinegar or unscented laundry detergent when washing a mask. While you might like the smell of your detergent, smelling it for hours at a time MIGHT become a bit annoying (and can possibly affect your allergies depending on the scent). Better safe than sorry. 


 General Tips To Help In a Pinch

We know you’ve been using masks for a while, but it helps to refresh your memory on some laundry best practices. So keep these in mind next time you need to wash your masks:

  • You can wash them by hand if needed!
  • When washing a mask by hand or washer you should use warm water with soap
  • Drying your mask in the dryer will cause it to deteriorate faster, if you still choose to do so then you should do it at high heat with other clothes that can handle it
  • Air drying your mask can be done as long as it can be given enough room to have clean air easily blow through it.

We hope this helps cover the basics and keeps your masks clean as we continue to fight the spread of COVID-19. Stay safe!

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