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What Do I Do If My Laundry Is Too Wet for the Dryer?

Posted by Clean Rite on March 01, 2021

As you might expect, washing clothes is a process that involves water. 

But if your clothes are still soaking wet — and we mean dripping, obviously-too-wet — after the entire wash cycle is over, you have a problem. 

Not only is it a real possibility that the clothes were not washed thoroughly, but it could also mean that you’ll need to re-wash or hang them up to dry... for a long time. 

So that said, what can you do if this happens, and how do you prevent it in the first place?

Let’s start with prevention:


Too Many Clothes?

Bombarding your washer with an excess of clothing could be the cause of your problem. When deciding on how much drying is required for your clothes, the quantity plays an important role. 

As you may have guessed, more clothes mean more spin cycles. Always ensure that you are using the appropriate setting for the load size you are trying to wash.


Check For The Appropriate Setting

Certain items of clothing are very delicate and as such spin drying is not advised, and your washer knows this. Often turning your dryer to ‘Delicate’ will result in a wash that has extraordinarily little to no spin during the wash or spin drying after. Therefore, ensure that you are not using this setting when washing unless it was intended.


Technical Difficulties

If you do have everything right, then let someone in our laundromat know! 

There are a multitude of potential problems a washer could have. Common problems usually include the drain hose or filter being clogged, causing the water that is supposed to be drained out to remain. Fixing this issue heavily depends on the type of washer you’re using, but we’ll handle that part. 

Another problem you could face is specific to top loaded washers. Sometimes the lid not locking mechanism could malfunction causing the washer to not spin. 

If you suspect that one of these problems is why your clothes are coming out too wet, it would be best to let a pro know!


What To Do

Okay — so what do you do if you’re already staring at a pile of wet clothes?

You have a few options:

  • Rewash with proper settings, or in a different machine
  • Wring out as best you can into a sink, then dry
  • Hang dry

Whatever you do, don’t just put overly soggy clothes in the dryer! That can end up causing more problems with the dryer, and lead to a really long wait to ensure they’re totally dry. 

We hope this helps!

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