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Why Clothing Tags are Important

Posted by Clean Rite on December 28, 2020

Why Clothing Tags are Important

Clothes tags can be annoying — especially if you’re a fan of tagless shirts and sweaters. But the scratchy paper that comes on all of your clothing is there for a purpose, and we highly recommend thinking twice before you snip them off. Here’s why:

Reason #1: Clothing Care

Most clothing tags help you understand the fabric used to make up your clothes — and give you specific instructions on how to properly care for it. Often, the tag will directly tell you how to wash and dry your clothes. For instance, it may say “machine wash cold, lay flat to dry” for a sweater. Removing your tag may leave you in the dark for clothing care. 

The other piece of info to watch out for are the symbols on your tags. These are a shorthand that also tell you how to take care of your fabric:

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Here’s the point: removing tags may make your clothes a bit more comfortable, but you’ll lose valuable information on how to take care of it. If you’re not careful, you could very easily damage your clothes. 

Reason #2: Resale Value

Want to get the most out of your clothes? Think about resale value. 

It’s always disappointing when you buy something (potentially on sale) and it ends up being out of style or too small within a season or two. When this happens, it’s easy to simply donate it, but with the rise of Facebook Marketplace and resale apps, you can actually make some money back through reselling your clothes. 

Here’s the catch: if you remove the tags, you’re actually devaluing your clothes. Why? Because you need to be able to verify fabric, brand, and pass on knowledge of how to care for the garment. 


All things considered, keeping the tags on your clothes has more pros than cons. Next time you get a new piece of clothing, resist reaching for the scissors. If you find tags annoying, considered taping or sewing them down onto your clothes — but just don’t remove them!

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