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Why Is Laundry So Important?

Posted by Clean Rite on August 11, 2021

Laundry has a large place in our lives and our history, and it’s important to consider the why of such basic tasks from time to time. So in the post, we'll look a bit closer at 2 big reasons why laundry is such an important part of daily life!


Reason #1: Hygiene

The first reason is simple — personal hygiene! 

Hygiene is the practice of cleaning your body to promote health and prevent the spread of disease. Laundry is part of this practice, as it cleans your clothes and keeps them fresh.

No matter what you do, your body will produce sweat, shed dead skin cells, and develop odors. When we wear clothes, these waste products are passed to the fabric over the course of the day, and they can cause our clothes to feel and smell different. Putting them into the laundry lifts these oils and dirt off the fabric, leaving it clean and fresh for your next wearing. 


Reason #2: Community

The other reason why laundry is important is because it builds community. Just think of how many people meet up at a laundromat to share time during their chores, or even how many families with in-home machines use that time to catch up over a pile of unmatched socks. It may sound a bit idyllic, but laundry is a chore we all have to do, and it’s easy to find things to talk about while you’re putting your clothes in the wash. 


Laundry Is Self Care!

Whether you love doing laundry, or wish you could skip it altogether, you have to remember that the process of giving yourself clean, fresh clothes to wear is a basic form of self care. Even though the task can sometimes feel overwhelming, we hope that this friendly reminder (and the tips from our blog!) help make laundry day a bit easier for you!

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