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Winter Clothes Storage Tips

Posted by Clean Rite on April 21, 2021

When spring weather rolls around, it’s finally time you started looking at properly storing your winter coats. While it might not seem like much now, proper storage can save you a lot of time and money replacing clothes over the years.

Storing clothing is a simple enough task, but as always we’re going to give you a few tips and tricks to make your clothes come out that much better.


Start By Washing Your Clothes.

Washing your clothes in this case isn’t just because they might be dirty or smell bad — sweat, dust, or even perfumes can attract insects that can stain your clothes

Speaking of stains, an already incurred stain will become a part of the clothing if you wait a year to have them removed. 

When washing, if possible use things like white vinegar (see our article on its benefits) to deodorize clothes so that they won't smell musty after their long vacation. 


Don’t Keep What You Don’t Want 

If you didn't like it last year, chances are you won't like it this year. 

Keeping those will only take up unnecessary space that you could have used to store something else. Style changes with the seasons, so swap those old clothes out for something more in line with the style of the following winter season. Donate clothes that you didn't use or don’t expect to use next year and save yourself the hassle of the extra storage needs.


Fold vs Hang 

The rule here is simple: Fold clothes that would lose their shape when they are hung up for a long time, and don't fold anything that would get wrinkled. 

Whatever you do, do not vacuum bag items like down coats. After you do that there may never be a way to restore it to how it was before you vacuum sealed it. Fold your more delicate clothes and store them away in plastic containers if possible 

For more delicate items, fold them and store them in plastic containers. You can even use vacuum bags if you have them - although we don't recommend using those bags with down coats or comforters. We don’t recommend them because they can ruin the form of the coat and it may never look the same again. 


So... Where Exactly Are We Storing These Clothes?

Where should your winter threads be stored? Think of your winter clothes like canned food; should always be stored in a cold dry place. One of those cool dry places could be luggage, it’s designed to hold your clothes while shielding your clothes from dust and dirty easily. Other options include below your bed, in an interior closet, or a thoroughly insulated attic or basement space. 

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