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Clean Rite Heroes

Giving Back To Our Communities

Celebrating Our Guests & Employees


On April 17, 1934 the very first laundromat opened its doors in Fort Worth, Texas ushering in a revolution in personal hygiene – and creating communities where American families old and new could gather. 

Wherever dreamers and hard-working Americans join forces, you will find laundromats.  The history of our clients, and our staff, is the history of the country – working people of all stripes, hopeful and eager, coming together not just for hygiene and health – but human dignity, pride and opportunity.  

Clean Rite is honored to celebrate the special relationship that exists between our guests and our employees by launching a new community initiative – Clean Rite Heroes.  

In times like these, the history of our industry, our interdependence and our reliance on one another, is brought into sharper focus – and we are reminded that it is people that create and support business.  It is those same people, in our boroughs, in our local neighborhoods and streets – heroes – who are dreaming extraordinary dreams and doing extraordinary things.   Our workers, our clients, our friends and neighbors.  Those of you who do what you do to the best of your ability – and by stepping into your best self – lift up your family, your community and ultimately the world. 

Clean Rite is happy to celebrate, support and encourage you.  

Join us as we roll out the following initiatives – open to our clients, our employees, and members of Clean Rite cities and towns – celebrating the bonds that are formed where dreams are shared and communities are created.   


Clean Rite. Eat Rite.

Our first initiative is already in place providing nutritious and delicious meals daily to our Clean Rite workers!  During this historic pandemic, when so many businesses we rely on have been suspended, our Clean Rite heroes continue to show up and work hard to ensure your clothes are clean, safe, and hygienic.  Clean Rite is happy to sustain them while they sustain us. 

Clean Rite Do Rite

Clean Rite. Do Rite.

Our second initiative is also up and running, providing laundry assistance for vulnerable populations and people in need.  

  • Clean Rite is partnering with the Community Center of Staten Island in providing discounted laundry service to our most at-risk citizens. 
  • During these unprecedented times, when our fellow citizens are asked to perform extraordinary acts of heroism, we are proud to offer free laundry service in our Bronx location to hospital staffers, supporting the heroes who put their health at risk to save ours!  

Clean Rite. Insight.

Welcome to the launch of our employee initiative – Clean Rite’s Employee Idea Incubator!  We have always known that our employees are our greatest asset – and we value the ideas their experiences bring.  We invite all of our employees to share their best “out of the box” thinking on industry innovations – and improvements we could make to customer service and to the employee experience.   If a suggestion is implemented, it will be highlighted on our website, in our newsletter and on social media – and the team member is thanked with a cash valued gift card. 


Clean Rite. Shine Brite.

Educational scholarships.  For so many parents and young people in our work and home communities, the dream of higher education feels out of reach financially.  To help our local dreamers achieve their goals, Clean Rite will award five scholarships nationally through our ShineBrite initiative, which will include colleges and universities, as well as vocational schools.  These annual scholarships will be based not only on academic performance but essays submitted and evaluated by our Clean Rite Heroes Committee.  


Clean Rite. Work Rite.

Business Mentorship Programs.

Clean Rite Live Rite

Clean Rite. Live Rite.

Financial Aid for employees facing hardship.

Employee Spotlight

Clean Rite. Spotlight.

Highlighting an employee who has gone out of their way to provide extraordinary customer service,

Portrait of smiling little school kids in school corridor

Clean Rite Kids.

Highlighting the accomplishments of the children of employees and our local communities.  

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