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A Fresh Kind of Laundry Experience

We offer two world-class ways to do laundry in every location, drop off laundry and self-service laundry.

Everything at Clean Rite Center
is built around you

We want to give you the best possible experience with laundry — a chore we all share. 


Minimal wait time and 24-hour attendants. Enjoy the cleanest and laundromats you will ever find.  

Drop Off Service

We'll do laundry for you! Bring your laundry to us and pick it up clean and folded. 

Open 24 Hours

Open all day to accommodate our communities who work around the clock. 

Free Parking

Pull up with your laundry and roll right into our clean laundromats with plenty of parking.

Cable TV

Pass time with your favorite TV channels broadcasting around the laundromats. 

Free Wifi

Log in to browse the internet on your favorite devices while you do laundry at Clean Rite.

Snacks and beverages

We keep our vending machines stocked for your enjoyment - we know doing laundry stirs up an appetite. 

Friendly Staff

We have attendants ready to help you with your laundry day - we are here to serve you with a smile.

Convenient folding tables

Enough space to fold those big loads of laundry - spread out and get done quickly. 

Ample laundry carts

There are enough laundry carts to go around to help you move your clothes into the laundry, your machines, and to your vehicle. 

Laundry Cards

An easy way to do laundry without coins and earn rewards as you go!

drop off

Drop Off Laundry Service

Who has time for laundry?   We do!

But just because we do doesn’t mean you have to, especially when you can opt to drop your laundry off with us. Our drop off laundry service is exactly as easy as it sounds:

  • Bring your bagged up clothes
  • Leave them with Clean Rite Center
  • We’ll wash, dry, and fold your clothes (making sure to check the tags, of course!)
  • When we’re done, you can pick up any time

Give us a try, and see for yourself how easy your next laundry day can be!

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Self Service Laundromats

For those of us who enjoy getting laundry done ourselves, there’s always Clean Rite Center’s self-serve laundromats. 

Each of our locations has between 150-200 machines so you’re almost guaranteed minimal wait times. Plus, you can rest assured that our laundromats will be the cleanest you’ll ever find — thanks largely to our 24-hour attendants. 

Do laundry with a bit of comfort, thanks to the benefits we make sure every one of our stores offers.

Stop by a Clean Rite Center next laundry day, and you’ll see why people rave about us!

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